How To Apply

How does my student apply for the College Bound Scholarship?

I know my family qualifies for free/reduced lunch:

If your family qualifies for free/reduced lunch in the Nooksack Valley School District, then your student will automatically be uploaded into the College Bound Scholarship portal. There is no paperwork that you need to complete or sign.

My student might qualify from something other than free/reduced lunch:

Please refer to the Does My Student Qualify tab to learn about other qualifying options. If your family qualifies with one of those options:

1. Contact Ms. Boesel and she will get you set up with a College Bound application

2. Call 888-535-0747, option 1 to begin the application yourself 

Is there a deadline?

Yes! The deadline to apply for the College Bound Scholarship is by the end of your student's 8th grade year. After 8th grade they will NOT have the chance to be enrolled in this scholarship. 

How will I know if my student has been enrolled in College Bound?

1. You will receive a mailed certificate from College Bound, with your student's name on it, signifying their enrollment in the College Bound Scholarship program.

2. Reach out to your school counselor and they can look up your student's name in the College Bound portal.

If you believe your student qualifies but are unsure if they were automatically enrolled or not, please reach out to Ms. Boesel and she will check on your student's College Bound status.