Our goal has been to create a program that supports a curriculum that is challenging, connected, and exploratory through a flexible four period day. Teachers plan for and teach a common group of students the “core” curriculum which includes writing, reading, social studies, math, science and technology. Students also receive physical education, health and a performing or visual arts class. Students are grouped and assigned to a team of two teachers within each grade level and vertical grade team. In addition, students and faculty meet in small group advisories two times a week. This dedicated time provides support and opportunity to personalize education for all our students. The team concept and flexible schedule allow teachers to know students well and provides for in-depth study of the academic areas. Our school improvement efforts are aimed at ensuring success for all our students through improving teaching and learning with an emphasis on Literacy,Math and Science, developing appropriate and varied assessments, personalizing the school experience and strengthening parent and community partnerships.

Our Mission
"Nooksack Valley Middle School is committed to providing a developmentally responsive middle school program that is characterized by educators committed to young adolescents, a shared vision, high expectations for all, an adult advocate for every student, family and community partnerships, and a positive school climate."

Enrollment and Attendance
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Opportunities for Parents and Community
It is no surprise that educational research directly links student achievement to the level of parent involvement. This past year middle school parents participated in many areas of their child’s school experience. Activities included sixth grade orientation/picnic, open-house, monthly Parent Coffees,  7th grade History and Performing Arts Night, Breakout Panels and the Fall Book Fair. Our parents actively supported a variety of events including field trips, academic contests, extra-curricular sports activities, monthly honor level activities, clubs, and All Star Play Days. Parent volunteers participated in a variety of activities based on their areas of interest and talents. These included our ASB fund raiser, tutoring, library, and office assistance. Beyond these special events, our parents help set the stage for success by attending student-led conferences, setting up homework time, showing daily interest in their child’s school day, reviewing Nooksack Valley Middle School’s ‘Guidelines for Success’ and checking homework daily. 

Nooksack Valley Middle School OSPI Report Card 

Click here to receive the most current statistical data provided by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, including WASL results, student demographics, and more